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Greetings guests and exhibitors of 3 Rivers Comicon June 3-4, 2023 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in beautiful downtown Pittsburgh!


Here is some of the info you will need for the convention this year. Please read it all. We will be updating this and resending it periodically as we have updates.


Here is what is covered in this email. 

  • Load in/out
  • Load in times
  • Show floor times and map
  • Parking
  • Hotel info
  • Convention Exclusive Beer Release
  • Charity Auctions
  • Electric
  • Internet
  • Panels
  • Contact us


Load in/out:

The loading dock is located on the corner of the center at the intersection of Fort Duquesne Blvd and Garrison Place. There is a red light there and there is not good signage for this. Using the loading dock will be your most convenient way to load in. If you look at the below map it would be where the works DOG PARK are.You may only use the loading dock and the front entrance for load-in/out. If anyone tries to use the fire exits, the police will show up, and you will be banned from exhibiting at further shows. There are many spaces for you to park and bring your items in and out. There will be 2 union helpers there if you need them. They are NOT required to help you and will not charge you as long as you can either A) carry your own items in or B) have your own dolly/cart. If you have a box truck, you may use the loading bays.  There will not be any extra carts available


Dockpasses are sold out. 


UNION REMINDER – You will only have to pay for the union help if you bring things in on a pallet and need a pallet jack or a forklift and you will be responsible for paying that fee. Anything you hand carry or use a dolly they will not help you and you will not be charged. Please be prepared. They will help you transport items or load your own carts if you ask them for no charge. 


Load in times:

Before you can bring any items in, you must check in at one of the Vendor Check In stations to receive your vendor wristband. 

Friday June 2: 3pm-7pm. At 7pm the dock door closes at 7p. You may stay in the hall until 9p to set up. You may also use the front entrance to load in as well. If everyone is done setting up between 7p and 9p we may leave a little earlier than 9p.

Saturday June 3: 6am – 9:30 am. At 9:30 am Saturday, all exhibitors must have moved all their vehicles from the loading dock as the dock doors will be lowered and VIPs will be allowed in the hall at 9:30 am. 


Show floor times: 

Saturday June 3: 

9:30 am VIP Pass holders only

10am General admission

Show floor closes at 7pm


At 7pm Saturday we will be holding our Drink and Draw live art auction at Bill’s Burgers (the restaurant in the Westin). This will be open to all attendees, vendors, and guests. If you would like to donate a piece for this, please give your piece to the front ticketing booth staff or if you want to draw and just donate at the event, you can do that too. If you want to donate more than one item you can. You can also bring premade items and drop them off. The hotel bar will have our convention exclusive beer on tap and we will have some cans for sale. Your Vendor badge gets you 2 cans to take home for free, as long as you are 21 years of age or older with valid ID. 


Sunday June 4: 

9:30 am VIP Pass holders only

10am All admission 

Show floor closes at 5pm. NOTE: no one will be allowed to pull into the dock until 4:45pm.


Exhibitors will be able to enter the show floor at 6am on Saturday and 8:30 am on Sunday for load in/setup. 



We recommend everyone download the ParkPGH or the Spothero app. You can use these apps to book your space and have it reserved for you RIGHT NOW. They are available for all smart devices and gives you real time lot availability, height restrictions, and rates. Many of the city lots are just $5-12 on the weekend days for all day each day. However, you may see them be a little more as the Pirates are playing at home the same weekend. Please keep that in mind when loading in and out. The open air lot on Smallman Street is just a block away and is usually only $5-10 for the day. You can also go to for the same information as the app. You can also park in the convention center garage all day for a fee as well. 


Hotel Information: 

There are so many hotels in downtown Pittsburgh! We have partnered with the Westin Pittsburgh right across the street for a group block rate of $185 a night (before fees) for our show in June. This block expired May 12th. But you might be able to call them and see if they will still honor it. The link is here:

The hotel is across the street from the convention center and has a connected access bridge that can also be used. 

We also recommend looking for hotels along the “T” line, which is the Pittsburgh trolly system. You can ride it in for FREE (unless you are coming to and from the South Hills… then it’s $5), and there are many hotels along the way. There is a “T” station just a few blocks and a short walk away from the convention center at Steel Plaza.

Convention Exclusive Beer Release: 

Friday June 2rd: Convention Exclusive Beer Release Party. Check out this year’s art from Robert Hack and get 2 cans of convention beer on us at Bill’s Burgers and Bar in the Westin. The restaurant has some award winning burgers and a huge bar. We will start the festivities around 7pm so you have time to get some sleep after loading in. Spellbound Stout is made in cooperation with Shubrew Brewing in Zelienople, Pa. 


Charity Auctions:

Saturday June 3: Charity art auction and drink and draw. 7pm at Bill’s Burgers and Bar. Help us support the Pittsburgh Children’s Miracle Network through Extra Life. If you missed getting your cans of convention beer, this is your second chance to do so as well. We will be having sections where you can put art for donation on tables for attendees to by for $5/10/20/50/100 on the spot. Please come and help us make this event awesome. The restaurant will be in full swing with con goers as well. 


Auction booth at the show. This year we will again be running a charity auction to benefit the local Children’s Miracle Network through Extra Life. We will be hosting a Charity Auction that will be held both days during the show as well as a live drink and draw auction Saturday night. We ask you all to donate something to this and help us raise money and help out these children. We will also be hosting a charity quick sketch Saturday afternoon as a panel. If you want to sign up for that, please do so when you check in for set up at the ticketing booth/check-in by the main entrance. Over the last 7 years we have helped raise over $8000 through this auction. We look forward to keeping this tradition alive and helping out the best we can. 



If you would like electricity at your booth you will need to pay a fee to the convention center 15 days before the show. You can find your booth numbers later in this email. The link for that is here:



Please note that there is in house internet that is available for a fee at the DLCC. 



If you are presenting a panel or interested in doing a panel please see for times and/or apply to host one. Final schedule is up right now. There will be a TV with HDMI connections available. There is not a PA as the room only fits about 30 seated.


In the case of questions please see one of our red-shirt “crewman”. The staff will be armed with maps, and panel schedules to help you if you need anything. That includes watching your booth while you run to the restroom or to the convention stand, which is cashless. Convention management will be in Blue or Gold shirts… yes. It’s a Star Trek thing and we love it. 


I think that covers it. If you have any further questions please let us know. 


Thank you and see you in a few weeks.


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