List is updated weekly. Names are listed alphabetically by first name or title of exhibitor. Featured Artists/guest announcements will be weekly.


Featured Artists  
Dan Gorman -Grindhouse, Shook Anthology, FemForce,Cemetery Plots, The Rejected, Kringle, Turkey Day, Exciting Comics, Mississippi Zombie, Harvest of Horror, The Horn Island Trilogy Artist
Dave Nestler – Pinup/Disney Artist Artist
Dave Wachter – Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon, Godzilla, Punisher, Ninja Turtles Artist
DJ Coffman – Hero by Night, Hulk 100 Project, Draw or Die Artist
Don Simpson – Megaton Man, King Kong, Bizarre Heroes Artist
Franco – Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam!, Tiny Titans, Ghost and the Owl, Deadman Tells Spooky Tales, Young Justice, Itty Bitty Hellboy Artist/Writer
George Broderick Jr – Quantum Leap, Holy Cow!, Lost in Space, Radioactive Man Artist/Writer
Howard Bender – Action Comics, Legion of Superhero Artist/Caricature Artist
Joe Wos – Mazetoons, Cartoon Academy Artist/TV Personality
Josh Blaylock – Mercy Sparx, GI JOE, Voltron Writer/Artist
Larry Stroman – The Tribe, X-Factor, Ghost Rider, World’s Finest Artist
Mark Morales – Star Wars: High Republic, Thor, Daredevil, Spider-Man/Deadpool Inker/Artist
Maria Wolf – New Mutants, Transformers, Marvel Legacy, X-Men, Cobra Commander Artist
Matt Horak – Spider-man/Deadpool, Punisher, Star Wars ROTJ Rebellion, Norse Mythology Artist
Pat Olliffe – Catwoman, Spidergirl, Secret Wars Battleworld Artist
Ron Frenz – Amazing Spiderman, Superman, Thor Artist
S.A. Check – Night of the Living Dead, 3 Stooges, Pink Panther Writer
Sandy Plunkett – Marvel Comics Presents, Batman Legends of the Dark Knight, Rocketeer Adventures, Conan the Barbarian Artist
Shawn Gabborin – This Little Piggy, Black Betty, Puppet Master, Sharksquatch Writer
Stan Kanopka – The Rejected Writer
Steve Geiger – X-men, Punisher: War Journal, The Fantastic Four, Batman, Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Bloodshot, and Scion Artist
Todd Johnson – The Tribe Writer
Tom Scioli – Fantastic 4 Grand Design, 8-Opus, Godland Artist/Writer
Trish Forstner – Stray Dogs, My Little Pony, Darkwing Duck, Gargoyles Artist
Vito Delsante – Stray, Superman, Batman Adventures, X-men Unlimited. Writer/Editor
Wayne Faucher – Spiderman, Mandolorian, Batman, Impulse Inker/Artist


Featured Cosplayers
Capt Cash
CommanderSnips Cosplay
Nikki Lee Cosplay
Natalie Vaia


Cosplay Groups
501st – Starkiller Garrison (Star Wars)
Cosplay for a Cause
Pittsburgh Justice League
Steel City Ghostbusters
USS Solstice (Star Trek)


Artist Alley
2 Linns Studio Hand drawn art, digital art and cross-stitch pieces
819 Comics Indie self-published superhero comic books and artwork.
A.M. Geever, Author
Books, post-apocalyptic
Acrylic paintings, felted figures, prints, sculptures, pins, buttons
Angela Awesome Pants
Ceramic art pieces: mugs, dishes, and small trinkets. Prints and stickers.  Handmade buttons.
Angela Oddling Self-published comics, zines, prints, stickers
Anime Crossbones
 Art prints and tees in the style of Anime, Manga, City Collages and Pop Culture with a vintage aesthetic.
Arcade Bookshop Podcast
Arcade Bookshop is a podcast covering video games, their stories, and the books they remind us of.
Ariel West Illustrations & Fine Art
Original Art, Art Prints, Greeting Cards, Drawstring Bags, Acrylic Kechains , Wood & Clay Pins, Vinyl Stickers, Washi Tape, Notebooks, Mousepads
Art by Paige Critchlow
Watercolor prints, original paintings, magnets, stickers, and pins. Merch tied to my action/scifi/drama webcomic series, TENACITY.
Art of Gary Morgan Original artwork, comic and prints
Artemis Dice Company
I make handmade dice, dice soap, candles, and 3D printed items inspired by and made for TTRPGs.
Artwork by Brandon McDonald Art Prints
Author Alan McGill Paperback novels
Author Madison Uram Fiction Novels
Band of Bards Comics, graphic novels, stickers, prints, patches, t-shirts, and other associated merch.
Barry Linck Comics, Trade Paperbacks, sketch cards, original art
BING BING MARKET Kawaii handmade accessories, 3D printed decorations, hair charms, bows, pins, phone charms, crochet and more!
BitterSweet angels Original prints, stickers, keychains, magnets, posters
Borrowed Time Comics Original Comic Books
BS Art & Craft
Stickers, prints, pins, wood plaques
Caesar Comics Self-published comic books, prints, and original art
Calie Mee
Art prints, stickers, totes, mugs,
Charles Yates Original graphic novels- Original comic books.
ChiKetArt Prints, Stickers, Charms
Colin Richards Original Illustrations, Art, Prints & self published RPGs.
Conceive3D 3d printed statues, art prints, stickers
Couples by Design Wooden heart pieces (and keychains) that allow you to mix and match your favorite couples from any fandom. Also, my self published sci fi books.
Dawn Best Original comic art, art prints/posters and hopefully some brand-new comics to premiere at the show!
D.S. Tierney’s World of Terragard Fantasy Novels: Dark Ages, All the Gold, and Dhog Soldiers
Daniela Sanchez-Olivares:Illustrator and Animator Keychains, Stickers, standees, prints of popular cartoons, movies, music artist, and anime! 
Dennis Robinson – Hive Head Studios
Original graphic novels and related merch about the world’s first werewolf. I MAY also have oil paintings of landscapes from movies/games
DePietro Draws Various Prints of Digitally made Artworks.
DragonsNDust Resinart, jewelry, and mixed media focusing on fantasy creatures.
Emily Iden Fan art posters hand drawn digitally and printed at an 11×17 poster size!
Evil Breakfast Studios sketch cards, sketch comics, custom art, cosplay accessories
Exit 12
Comice related paintings, prints, embroidery, patches, magnets, bags and Fanny packs. Custom items can be ordered.
Fabrizio Aiello
Comics prints
Foxglove Lane Cosplay and costume wings, hair accessories, moth and butterfly clips, jewelry, and stickers.
Fringe Knight Comics Independent comic book series
Global Frequency Studios Comics, graphic novels, stickers, prints, patches, t-shirts, and other associated merch.
Grant Lankard Comic books and art prints
Greg A. Wilson Author of The Third Sign, Icarus, and various short stories
Greymist,LLC Handmade jewelry and metalcraft
J. Scot Witty Author: The Knight of Hibernia
Jack Vasvary Original art prints
JaybirdDragon Handpainted and unpainted models for play or display made with plastic or resin. Models related to many various genres such as DnD, Fantasy, Video Game Characters, Anime Characters, Busts, Game Pieces, etc.
Jared Catherine
Mini-Comics and sketches/drawings
Jason Seaux
Comics, Prints, and original art.
Jed Haas
Graphic novels, zines, and prints.
 A variety of stickers, buttons, charms, acrylic stands and prints from many different unique brands of anime, video games and shows! From different games like Genshin Impact, Splatoon, OMORI, Pokémon, Identity V, Hades and more, to animes like Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man, they have a bright and colorful piece to share!
Kirakira Karakasa
Stickers, keychains, wallets, bags, accessories, plushies, apparel
KMEG: Digital Designs by Karen G.
Prints of all sorts — cute, whimsical, sci-fi/fantasy, landscapes, mandalas, mandalas to color, visual puns and more!
Koa Beam
Artwork and Prints
Krystaline Studio
Handmade one of a kind polymer clay desk buddies called the Foodie Familiars. They combine adorable animals and a touch of witchy whimsy. Each foodie comes with a special adoption certificate for the new owner to sign.
Molly Harringon Studios
Cards, Prints, Commissions, Pins, Stickers, Keychains, etc.
Mooncloudkat I sell prints, stickers, jewelry and accessories featuring magical fantasy artwork of fairies and witches.
Morgan’s Art Quest My own dice line, prints, stickers, pins using our art, handmade dice bags and messenger bags, plushies
NjjStudio Art Original Blacklight Paintings, prints and my newly published Graphic novel D.S.R. Deep Space Rescue
P.J. MacLayne
Original Books
Papa Bear Printz 3d Printed Fan Art, Table Game Accessories, Toys, and Home Decor
Rachel Ordway Art
Comics, illustration books, art prints, and original art commissions
RaiZArts and Students from The Neighborhood Academy and The Sarah Heinz House
Prints and comics made by the students of The Neighborhood Academy and The Sarah Heinz House
Rich Bernatovech
Original art, Original Comic books, Graphic novel and prints
Rich Papalia, artist
Original and prints of fan art all drawn by me
Riserverse Comics
Comic books, t-shirts, patches, etc.
Rob Jones | Perfect Storm Publishing
ShelbyKat Creations
Resin dice products for dungeons & dragons and ttrpg enthusiasts
Shortcake Crafts Crochet plushies / crochet clothing items
Shonen Afro Comics comics
SpecialKay Studio Prints, stickers, keychains, pins, comic books
Prints, acrylic charms, enamel pins, washi tape, sticky notes, sticker books, stickers, manjuu plush, and on site commissions. I create fanart and original works, with a special interest in pride themed and cute creature items!
Tantalized Drawings Prints, bookmarks, stickers and more, portraying both originals and fan art.
The Garment Goddess Dice jewelry, dice boxes, Cosplay, resin daggers, furry ears & tails, scalemail jewelry, Elf ears, ear cuffs, circlets, antlered floral headbands, Sweet Lolita accessories, etc.
The Little Puff One of the kind dolls, mix media art, polymer clay art. Postcards and stickers.
This1Guy Studios Art prints, Canvas art, tees and stickers
TSM Creations Custom and original artwork
Victor Santiago Self-published comics, novels, and other books
VaVaVaVoom, LLC
Original Art, Prints, Convention Sketches, Books
Vaughn Coleman
Writer/Creator – Phenomenova
Wednesday Workshop Handmade bags, accessories and novelties for the geeky
Handmade wearable tails, plushies and plush props, stickers, pins, acrylics, accessories and custom commissions for both costume parts and artwork
Ziaire Ward Self published comic books


13occult Drawings, Pencil art ,CDs Cd cover art banners, art signs prints
Awesome Minis Mini figs
Bill Thade Comic Books (Silver Age/Golden Age)
Black Book Sculpts Ceramic wares emphasizing D&D accessories, tabletop terrain, dice boxes,  dice rollers, tiles inscribed with pop culture and/or significant symbolism, incense burners, and drinking vessels.
BlindCoyote Art prints/posters, playmats, mousepads, wallscrolls, pins, stickers
Bronco Phoenix 3D Printing 3d printed dragons and other fantasy creatures and custom paint work
Cafe Beret Fleece Berets, plush pins, shoulder buddies and other small fleece items
CBCS Comic, manga, magazine, and sports and non sports card grading. (Drop off only)
CH Productions Comic Books
Combee Collectibles – Video games and consoles, from retro to modern
– Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering raw and graded singles and sealed product
– Dungeons and Dragons modules, miniatures, and accessories
– Hand-made clothing, accessories, and more – all themed around your favorite anime, video games, and pop-culture icons
Comicsburgh Comics, t-shirts, tumblers
Comics Are Go Comics and Related Merchandise
Comics World Comics collectibles
Dice Goblin by Lancaster Wax Co
Dice Goblin by Lancaster Wax Co. is a hand poured wax company in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We create products from 100% American soy wax. All of our products are phthalate free and vegan.
Our Dice Goblin line embraces the spirit of adventure, gaming and fantasy. It is an olfactory journey that invites you to explore uncharted territories, where magic and imagination intertwine. Our products capture the essence of the mischievous goblin, ready to accompany you on your daring quests and gaming escapades.
Donald Firesmith – Author
My Autographed Books and handmade magic wands
DragonMoon Creations LLC
Original art, intuitive jewelry, modded nerf guns, hand made journals & sketchbooks
Fortress Comics Comic books
Gallagher Toys & Collectibles
Dollar Comics, 3D Printed Designs, Cards, & Much More
Gamer’s Lair
3D printed dragons, dice towers, figures and home goods as well as dice and D&D accesories.
Gram of Unicorm Tacos Art (formerly double tap studios) Custom 3d printed figures and statues. All 3d modeled files are created by us. Then 3d printed and hand painted making a one of a kind pop culture art piece.
Grandma Jean’s Pennsylvania Kitchen
We are an artist and a vendor; soap is our art! We make all natural soaps, bath fizzies, beard balms, shaving bars, shampoo bars, lotion bars and other artisanal, handmade spa products.
GTC 3DP 3D Printed Dragons, figures, keychains, and much much more
Hearts Tell All LLC Jewelry
Heroineburgh Comics, Videos and Related Merchandise
K&J Comics and Games Comics and Collectibles
Klok Wares
candles such as dragons, D20’s, mushrooms, skulls. hand made mugs & other handmade art
Knights of the Classroom, LLC Chainmaille jewelry and planetary globes/pillows
Jacob’s Comic Den Vintage and Modern comic books
Jazzy J Designs PGH 3D Printed items and bling cups
Comics, Graded Comics
JV Hilliard, Author
Books and related products
L&T’s Misfit Toys ‘N More
Hotwheels, Pokemon, plush , gaming, action figures, dolls
Lakeside Creations Handmade crochet items
Laughing Fish Comics Comics, pops, other collectibles
Magni Craftworks
Gaming accessories like dice vaults, and trays.
Megan O’Russell
I am an author with thirty books spanning eight series ranging from epic fantasy to paranormal dystopian. I would be selling my own books as well as select, series-related items.
Megaroad Toys and Entertainment Toys and collectibles relating to Kamen rider, super Sentai, power rangers, Godzilla, pretty cure, Gundam
Morbidly Absurd Handmade jewelry using ethical materials featuring animal bones and recycled/upcycled goods
handmade popculture and scifi collectibles
Neil Moherman Comics Creator Owned/Self Published comics
Nerdbox Comics Comic Books
Nerdgasmatron Horror cartoon art, tshirts, keychains, stickers
Otaku Bombs Anime and video game themed bath bombs, body butters, soaps, hand towels, hair oil, body spray, beard oil, lip scrub, tattoo aftercare soap, tattoo butters, tattoo balms
Vintage arcade game collectibles
Range Family Comics and Collectibles
Comic Books, Action Figures, Pops
Rupp’s Comic World
Comic Books
Sheryl Taylor
Tumblers (various kinds), Tshirts
Silverwood Wood Designs
Hand-crafted, high quality wooden gaming accessories at price points anyone can afford. We offer dice trays, dice towers, card storage and a fully modular game master screen in a variety of domestic and exotic woods. Our lead designer is also the author of a complete five book fantasy series called the Silverwood Chronicles which you can also check out. We also offer original games such as the Super Computer tableau building card game.
Steve Messenger Art
Original art, prints, and comics I created
T-Mobile Service (Mobile phones and home internet)
Tanya SM Kennedy Coming of age fantasy adventure books with strong female leads.
The Art of J.Ritchey Custom canvas prints of my original art work
The Crow and Cat Bathing products with scents inspired by pop culture
Tokki’s Whimsical Times Dice, Dungeons and Dragons Accessories, pocketwatches, squishables, 3d printed dragons and fidgets
True Honey Teas Pre-packaged craft teas infused with honey granules. Some of our most popular blends include: Lavender Lemonade, Hibiscus Lemon, and Blueberry Rooibos. We love to offer free 0.5oz samples!
Undisputed Comics King comics
USS Stella Pirata Star Trek fan group.
Watchtower Heroes Comic book retailer
XanCon Entertainment Self published/indie comic books
Zanna Archer
Books – paranormal romances