Three Rivers Comicon is a family friendly event. Please practice common
sense rules for public behavior, be considerate of other attendees, and act
in the spirit of a family friendly convention. Harassing or offensive
behavior will not be tolerated. Three Rivers Comicon reserves the right to
revoke the badge or wrist band of any attendee not in compliance with this
policy without refund. Anyone finding themselves in a situation where they
feel their safety is at risk with this policy should immediately locate the
nearest convention staff member so that the matter can be handled in an
expeditious manner.

Three Rivers Comicon is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged
property. Please report any lost or missing items to convention staff
located at the Convention Operations table near the main entrance.

You are required to wear your badge or wrist band at all times while on the
convention floor. At any time that a badge or wrist band is not visible, we
reserve the right ask any individual to produce it.

No live steel or metal props. Please be aware of local laws in regards to
prop weapons and masks. We understand what you are cosplaying, please be
aware that others in public may not.

All military, law enforcement and other emergency service costumes should be
easily distinguishable from official uniforms.

Please, no signs offering services; making requests to be hugged or touched.
We want everyone to feel comfortable.

Service Animals are allowed with proper identification. All service animals
must be cared for at all times and cleaned up after.

Protective footwear is highly recommended, but not required.

No smoking or vaping is allowed on the convention floor. Anyone found using
these products will be asked to leave the convention floor. Three Rivers
Comicon reserves the right to revoke the badge of any attendee not in
compliance with this policy.

There will be no paging at Three Rivers Comicon. Please go to our Convention
Operations table for updates or check our social media pages for
news and information.