Vendor/Artist FAQ

Here are some answers to some of the usual questions:

Q: What is the address of the convention?

A: The David L. Lawrence Convention Center is located at 

1000 Fort Duquesne Blvd. 

Pittsburgh, Pa 15222

Q: When and where is load in?

A:  Load in will be Friday June 2nd from 3pm until 7pm and Saturday June 3rd from 6am until 930am. All exhibitors must be set up by 930am June 4th for VIPs.  

Q: What are the convention hours?

A: Saturday 10-7 for general admission. 

Sunday is 10-5 for general admission.

Q: Is there a loading dock?

A: Yes. The convention center has a large loading dock. You will be able to park your car in the dock and hand truck (dolly) your own items to your space. If you have a box truck there are loading docks you can back up to. If any of your merchandise is on a pallet you will then be required to have the convention center staff member to move your pallet. IF YOU CAN HAND CARRY IT OR USE A DOLLY YOU WILL NOT BE REQUIRED TO HAVE CONVENTION CENTER STAFF MOVE YOUR MERCHANDISE. Once you have unloaded you must move your vehicle to parking garage/lot before you begin set up so that other vendors can come to unload. 

Q: Does my booth come with a table?

A: Each space is provided with 1 table and 1 chair. Vendor space tables are 8ft and artist alley tables are 6ft. You may bring additional tables and chairs to use in your space for not extra charge. If you need them provided there will be an extra charge based on what is needed. 

Q: How do I get a space at the show? How much are spaces?

A: To apply for your space, or find booth pricing, please go to our Exhibitor Application Page. Once you have submitted your information, one of our team members will reach out to you to confirm. 

Q: When is cut off for getting a space?

A: Once all spaces are sold out, or April 15, 2023. Whichever comes first. To get on a wait list please email

Q: How do I get electricity at my booth?

A: Click here and set up your log in to order electric to your booth. You will need your booth number. (See Map page for placement)

If you have addition questions, please email Promoter, Jon Engel at for further information.