E. Waterfront Drive
Homestead, Pa 15120



Vendor/Artist FAQ

Here are some answers to some of the usual questions:

For layout, please see click here. 

Q: What is the address of the convention?

A: You can use the address for New Dimension Comics – Waterfront as it will be within eyeshot of the store but not immediately beside it. 

680 E Waterfront Dr. 

Homestead, Pa 15120

Q: When and where is load in?

A:  Saturday and Sunday from 7am until 930am. We will have a table set up for load in to happen near the spot the convention will be held. Please check in with our team and we will show you to your spot. You will have the same spot both days. You will need to check in both days. 

Q: What are the convention hours?

A: Saturday 10-12 for early bird access and 12-7 for general admission. Sunday is 10-12 for early bird access and 12-5 for general admission.

Q: Is there a loading dock?

A: There is not. The convention is in a parking lot. You will need to bring your own hand cart. 

Q: Does my booth come with a table?

A: Each space in the provided tent comes with 1 6ft table. If you are bringing your own tent you are responsible for tent, table, chairs. If you have questions about which kind of space you paid for, it should be on your contract, or you can email to confirm. 

Q: How do I get a space at the show? How much are spaces?

A: To apply for your space, or find booth pricing, please go to our Artist/Vendor Application Page. Once you have submitted your information, one of our team members will reach out to you to confirm. 

Q: When is cut off for getting a space?

A: Once all spaces are sold out, or Oct 5, 2021. Whichever comes first. To get on a wait list please email

If you have addition questions, please email Promoter, Jon Engel at for further information.