Saturday Panels

11AM – Gregory A Wilson

Networking and Promotion for Creators in the Online Age: Twitch TV, Podcasts and Patreon.

Networking and promotion have always been critically important aspects of the life of a creator, making it possible for him or her to spread the word about a given work to a larger audience. With the advent of the Internet, online promotion via website, Facebook and E-mail became ubiquitous, but we’ve now entered the second wave of online promotion: Twitter and Pinterest and other forms of social media are big players, but other models are also rising to the fore. In this panel, speculative fiction author, podcaster, and TwitchTV channel host Gregory A. Wilson (author of the graphic novel Icarus, the Gray Assassin Trilogy from The Ed Greenwood Group, and co-host of the critically acclaimed Speculate! podcast) discusses how to leverage different creative backgrounds and fan bases into a successful online presence, and how mediums like TwitchTV, podcasts and even Patreon are changing the game for creators looking to reach new audiences and promote their work. Wilson will also answer questions about how to use Kickstarter and other resources to develop any given creative idea into a reality.

12PM – Mark Waid & Peter Krause 

Q&A with this amazing comic creative team.  Moderated by Vito Delsante






1PM – McSoss & The Comic Book Pitt


Hear the cast of these awesome nerd filled podcasts talk about what they do and how they do it.

2PM – Ron Frenz & Pat Olliffe

Living the M2 Universe

Ron and Pat have worked on some of the biggest parts of the Marvel 2 Universe including Spider-Girl, J2, and Avengers Next and so much more! Here their stories about creating and crafting an entire continuity of comic book history.




3PM – Mark Waid & Robert Hack

Life with Archie

Here some of Archie’s top creators talk about life in and around Riverdale.






4PM – Amanda Robinson 

Cosplay 101

Cosplay 101 tips and tricks: this panel is designed for people who want to get into Cosplay.  Not sure how to find armor? Unsure of what to do with a pattern? Where can I learn to apply makeup and body paint? All this and more will be discussed at this seminar and open Q&A.

Sunday Panels

11AM -Cocky Cockpit 

Star Wars Podcast Live! 

Hang out with the guys who run the Podcast and watch them do their thing live!

12PM – Joe Wos & Howard Bender

The Art of Cartooning

Learn from some of the masters of cartooning as they discuss the field and answer questions.




1PM – Action Lab Entertainment

SPOTS ON! – A Miraculous Panel! 

Talk about everyone’s favorite kid’s program and the comic universe around it. With artist Justin Birch who letters the book! Also, find out what Action Lab has in the works!




2PM – Pat and Shelly Block

 Drawing the Disney Ducks!

Come and join Patrick and Shelly Block as they give tips and directions on the fine art of drawing Donald Duck and Friends! Patrick and Shelly have been writing and drawing the classic Disney characters for Walt Disney’s comics and games for over 25 years. If you like, bring a pencil and paper along too, so that you can join in the action!!!

For kids of all ages!