2018 Panels

12PM – So, You Want to Be a Stormtrooper? w/ The 501st Legion – Starkiller Garrison

Join members of the 501st Legion -Starkiller Garrison as they discuss being part of the Imperial costuming and
volunteer fan organization.


1PM – Improving your art and self publishing w/ Tony Miello

Find out what can be done to improve your art work and strengthen your art style. Then Tony will talk about and five you pointers on self publishing and getting your books in readers hands


2PM -Con Culture: How it Has Changed and What Does it Mean? – Wayne Wise and Chris Maverick

Comic Book conventions began as small gatherings of fans in the days before comic book stores and the internet provided a community for those in the hobby. The earliest shows were mainly places to find back issues to buy and trade. Professional writers and artists began to be featured as guests and many people wore costumes of their favorite characters, though this was mostly limited to a costume contest instead of the whole weekend. Since then the convention experience has transformed into multimedia extravaganzas, with many celebrity guests, cosplay, panel discussions, academic papers, and the interest of Hollywood. They have splintered into specialty cons for Manga, Furries, SciFi, Horror, and any other niche you can think of.

Mav and Wayne, of the Vox Populorum podcast, will be recording a show discussing the changing face of the fan convention. Come to listen, or with questions so that you can participate.


3PM – Larping like a PRO!

Come in and learn about LARPing and the NERO system as well as a peek into the in-game world of Elysia. If you have any questions about LARPing, NERO or anything else game related, there will be a Q&A after the panel itself. We hope to see you there!



4PM – Comics that Scare! w/ Robert Hack (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) & Shawn Gabborin (Puppet Master/Black Betty)

Hear how two of the modern masters of horror comics figure out the best way to shock you with the creepiest horror stories and art around.



11AM – Rebel Scum! w/ The Rebel Legion – Ghost Base

Join members of the Rebel Legion – Ghost Base as they discuss
being part of the Rebel Alliance costuming and volunteer fan organization.


12P – Women and the Comic Industry w/ NDC’s Ladies Comic Night and guest Amy Chu

While female artists, writers, and characters have been making huge strides in the comic industry as of late, a gender-bend of an old favorite hero or news of a classic comic with a new female lead still make headlines. Additionally, we see women creators being treated differently and even being blamed for things such as Marvel’s declining sales.

On the other hand, we have witnessed the triumphant run of 2012’s Captain Marvel with the emergence of the Carol Corps. Also, female lead imprints such as Berger Books (Dark Horse) and comic creators such as Kelly Sue Deconnick have also found success.

Join NDC’s Pittsburgh Mills Ladies’ Comic Night group for a roundtable talk about women, gender, sexuality, merchandising, and the comic industry. Why did women cry during screenings of Wonder Woman? What exactly did ‘The Hawkeye Initiative’ do? Discuss these and bring your own questions to the panel!

Find more info/Join the Ladies’ Comic Night group here:



1:00 PM – Web Comics – DJ Coffman, Ian Sharpley, Jared Catherine, Kelci Crawford

Learn about what it is to put your comics online and how it differs from page to screen.
2pm – Nerdcasting w/ Comic Book Pitt, McSoss, & Panel Riot

Talk to some of Pittsburgh’s nerdiest podcasters and find out how they keep it as fresh a new comic day!