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Women and the Comic Industry

While female artists, writers, and characters have been making huge strides in the comic industry as of late, a gender-bend of an old favorite hero or news of a classic comic with a new female lead still make headlines. Additionally, we see women creators being treated differently and even being blamed for things such as Marvel’s declining sales.

On the other hand, we have witnessed the triumphant run of 2012’s Captain Marvel with the emergence of the Carol Corps. Also, female lead imprints such as Berger Books (Dark Horse) and comic creators such as Kelly Sue Deconnick have also found success.

Join NDC’s Pittsburgh Mills Ladies’ Comic Night group for a roundtable talk about women, gender, sexuality, merchandising, and the comic industry. Why did women cry during screenings of Wonder Woman? What exactly did ‘The Hawkeye Initiative’ do? Discuss these and bring your own questions to the panel!

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