3 Rivers Comicon Cosplay Content 

Registration information coming soon!

Sunday May 19th @ 4pm – Adult (ages over 14 contest/categories) 
$1000 in prizes!

Awards for:
-Judges Favorites
-Best in Show

Kids Cosplay Contest (ages 14 & under  contest/categories) ) 

Sunday May 19 @ 2pm

$50 New Dimension Comics gift card for first place.








Costume Judging Rules

1. The costume judging will take place Saturday May 20 all day.

2. We will have a pre-judging time. This will be from the open of the show until 5pm. This is so we can take the time to talk to you and ask you questions about your costumes and all the hard work you put into it.

3. We are happy to judge costumes from all genres; anime, manga, comic, television/movie, etc. We don’t discriminate. Show us your talent!

4. You can enter a costume you have made or one you have bought. We know not everyone has the ability to create his or her own costume and piecing together a costume can be just as hard some times.

5. Please bring reference material for your character. The judges have been around, but they haven’t seen everything. Having a physical image of the original character would help us immensely.

6. We will be judging your costume on workmanship and preventability. Staying in character is not necessary but it is encouraged.

7. We are asking that if you have won with an award with a costume please refrain from using that costume again. We understand how much time and effort it takes to create a complete costume but we want to make sure everyone has a good chance at winning.

8. There is no pre-registration Costume Contest. Show up during the times above in your costume

9. All judges’ decisions are final. We have experience with creating, competing, and judging competitions. We will use all our power to judge everyone fairly.