Pittsburgh Role Play Organization

Role Play Organization

Become part of a fantasy world where casting spells and medieval combat come to life with the Pittsburgh Roleplaying Organization (PRO). PRO is southwestern Pennsylvania’s premier Live-Action Role Playing (LARP) group open to anyone 14 years of age or older. As a chapter of NERO Live Adventure Games, PRO is a member of the largest LARP Organization in the world. PRO provides top notch entertainment for both new and seasoned adventurers. Encounter fantasy creatures, solve challenging plots and puzzles, and engage in amazing battles – best of all, you get to be the hero (or the villain). PRO will be hosting a panel at Three Rivers Comic-Con this year. Come in and learn about LARPing and the NERO system as well as a peek into the in-game world of Elysia. If you have any questions about LARPing, NERO or anything else game related, there will be a Q&A after the panel itself. We hope to see you there!