Peter Krause

Artist – Irredeemable; Insufferable; Superboy; Star Trek: The Next Generation; Daredevil: Road Warrior; Power of Shazam!

Peter Krause has over 25 years of experience as a comic book illustrator, working for most of the major publishers.

Self publishing with friends in the 1980s led to assignments with Slave Labor Graphics and First Comics before getting regular work with DC Comics. After a SUPERBOY fill-in, Krause became the regular penciler on DC’s STAR TREK:THE NEXT GENERATION, drawing most issues between #19 through #51. He then drew the mini-series METROPOLIS: SPECIAL CRIMES UNIT which won the 1996 GLAAD award for comics.

Krause’s best known DC work is his depiction of the Marvel Family in the series POWER OF SHAZAM!, which launched after Jerry Ordway’s graphic novel of the same name. He worked on the series for over three years, drawing everyone from Mr. Mind to Tawky Tawny.

After a stint focusing on storyboard work, Krause has returned to drawing comics. Along with writer Mark Waid, he created the series IRREDEEMABLE for BOOM! Studios. The story of a super-powered being gone mad, the series garnered multiple Eisner nominations in 2010 (Best New Series and Best Continuing Series).

Peter and Mark have since created the digital series INSUFFERABLE for the Thrillbent imprint, which has subsequently been produced for print by IDW.

Taking a break from producing INSUFFERABLE, Krause and Waid teamed up for Marvel Comics DAREDEVIL: ROAD WARRIOR—a 2015 Eisner nominee for Best Limited Series.

Over the last two years, Krause has been working on a series of graphic novels. Publishing dates have not been announced.

Peter Krause is a graduate of the University of Minnesota (B.A. Journalism, B.A. Studio Arts). He and his wife Lisa have three sons. The family resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.