mike1Artist – Cobalt Blue, Justice Machine, Cerebus

Mike Gustovich began his comics career at POWER COMICS which produced COBALT BLUE and the first appearance of CEREBUS THE ARDVARK. There he was art director and creator of CB and other characters.
From there he started his own publishing company NOBLE COMICS where he revamped and published COBALT BLUE and came up with what he’s probably best known for, the JUSTICE MACHINE.
Soon after MARVEL and DC recognized his abilities and started giving him work on such title as the DEFENDERS, AVENGERS, NEW MUTANTS, BATMAN and many other titles.
Though Mike has worked for most of the major companies his true love and current passion lies in his own stories and art. His current projects include LIGHTMARE, THE DRAGON PHOTOGRAPHER and posters of his favorite characters and topics.

I am currently working on a top secret project with the fine people over at ARCANA. OK, it’s not top secret but I was sounding very important for a few seconds anyway. It’s not who you know that matters but who really cares.
The project name is THE OLYMPUS MANDATE. Great story by them and fantastic art by ME! We’ll have some pages and such at the show.