Michael Mettlen

Michael Mettlen is a American comic book creator, writer and illustrator as well as Sketch Card Artist- specializing in pencil and ink. Mettlen born 24, October , 1990 was born in South Carolina and resides in greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mettlen is notably most known for his creator-owned works such as “Michael Mettlen’s KANE” and “Michael Mettlen’s Butch The Butcher” with his unforgiving violent illustrations and his dark tone writing mixed with off beat humor. Mettlen got his start with being published by Advent Comics in 2015 with his first creation and stab at drawing comic books- “Michael Mettlen’s KANE #1”  which was written and illustrated by Mettlen. KANE #1 saw print and digital sales as well as a store signing at New Dimension Comics in Century III Mall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mettlen later decided to have his contract terminated to “prefect his craft”. October, 11, 2017 Mettlen saw more success when approached by a Pittsburgh University (Point Park University) to do a interview about him and his comics which saw print as well as the University’s online newspaper. Early October, 2017 Mettlen signs a contract to work on a Marvel project with Upper Deck trading cards where he drew 37 of the Marvel Premier 2018 sketch cards set. December 31, 2017 Mettlen signs his second publishing contract. Butch The Butcher is picked up by Nerdanatix which is sold in both physical print copies and digital format with Nerdanatix releasing Part 1 of 4 for free in digital format as a promotional special. Mettlen is now also building on KANE for a reboot and a whole new story which the title remains unreleased as of now. Currently Michael Mettlen is accepting freelance work from other comic creators and writers in search for a pencil and inker and doing pin up fan art as well as sketch cards.