Born with a vivid imagination and a creative spirit, Kelly Hesford is a local artist located on the outskirts of Pittsburgh PA. Tending to think “outside the box”, she is able to produce an array of original art, trinkets and baubles. Inspired by her love of nature and the macabre her creations range from the normal to the fantastic.
Kelly specializes in fantasy pieces and is able to conjure beautiful yet sometimes twisted works yet is versatile and prolific in her work. The artist appreciates the “cute and fluffy” side of the world as well which you can see in her animal portraits and cartoons.

Kelly is a graduate of the Dorian Clevenger Fantasy Art Program and the Art and Illustration Program Offered by Douglas Education Center. She was top of her class in both

currunt picprograms, gaining two Associates in Specialized Business Degrees along with two certificates of excellence for her work. If you would like to see examples of her art please check out her page at :