(Writer – Green Lantern: New Guardians; Adventures of Superman; Superboy; A+X; The Legend of Luther Strode; Spread)
Justin Jordan broke into comics with the Image series The Strange Talent of Luther Strode. Since no one threw him back out after said break in, he has gone on to work on Deathstoke, Team 7, Superboy, The Adventures of Superman and Green Lantern: New Guardians for DC comics. He also rebooted Shadowman for Valiant comics with cowriter and artist Patrick Zircher.

Most recently, he was written The Legend of Luther Strode and Dead Body Road, both for Image comics and is currently working on The Legacy of Luther Strode, the third and final series in the Strode series, and Spread, both from Image comics.

He still thinks talking himself in the third person is weird.

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