Homemade by RaeBey


My name is Rae and for as long as I could remember I’ve always been a crafter and I’ve always wanted to make it my career. I have been photographing, painting, creating artificial flower arrangements and figuring out how to work with as many mediums as possible. Art has been my best form of expression. When I was 17 years old I learned how to crochet and sew from my great grandmother. I told her I loved watching her do it and she offered to teach me and it took flight from there. I have found these to be my best work.

Over the past few years I’ve been doing custom orders for people, making wreathes, blankets, pillows, coasters, wooden letters and more. I got married last year and made all of my Alice and Wonderland themed décor myself. I had so much fun crafting my designs!  I had received so many compliments and encouragements to fully pursue it. So here I am building my small business one day at a time.