dj2djcoffman(Artist/Writer – HERO BY NIGHT, THE GOD CHILD, Hulk #100, Marvel’s Upper Deck Trading Cards)

D.J. is best known as the creator and artist of HERO BY NIGHT which takes place in a fictional Pittsburgh (Steel City) His latest project is THE GOD CHILD from Caliber Comics. Before his work in more mainstream comics he self published and distributed his own mini comics (YIRMUMAH!) and was one of the first creators to publish webcomics in 1998.

Coffman is an official sketch card artist for Marvel’s Upper Deck trading cards series and was also a featured cover artist on HULK 100 for Marvel Comics.

D.J. will be drawing commissions at the show on a first come first serve basis, and spots are limited. You can pre-order a commission for pickup at the con. E-mail D.J. at for prices & requests. You can see recent examples of his sample art on his facebook fan page at

D.J. is also the artist behind the 3 Rivers Comicon Logo!

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