(Artist – Disney)

For over 20 years artist Dave Nestler has enjoyed success as one of the most recognized names in Modern Pinup Art. Dave’s work has appeared in 5 published art books and graced countless magazines here and abroad. A regular on the convention circuit, He has appeared at over 300 conventions in North America and Canada.
10 years ago Dave was invited to contribute to George Lucas’ personal art book project: “Star Wars: Visions”.  His inclusion caught the eye of Acme Archives Direct, one of the largest producers of officially licensed original art and fine art reproductions for the entertainment industry. Contracts were signed and Dave soon began producing art for franchises such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda, plus The Big Lebowski, and music brands: Iron Maiden and The Beach Boys, among others.
After acquiring exclusive rights to all Disney art for the Asian markets, Acme turned to Dave to begin producing original character art for Disney, Japan.
In the past year Dave has traveled twice to Japan to do appearances, print signings, and live painting demonstrations in Tokyo, Osaka and 6 other major cities. In a short 3 year period, he has built up a big following among the Disney art crowd, and has produced, and sold almost 100 pieces of original art.

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