Dan Nokes

Freelance Artist

Dan Nokes is a cryptozoological wonder of the convention scene.  In a world of brightly colored and ornate cosplayers, celebrity autograph and photo op ritual, and mountains of pop culture merch, he is an enigma that baffles experts and historians alike.  Seen usually at his table in artist alley, awkwardly attempting to greet and make contact with patrons.  He is usually coaxed from his lair by artistic compliments and offers of cash for his various creative endeavors and artistic talents.  Approach him with caution and an open mind.  Natives of the convention scene have said that his gaze can turn mortal man to mounds of tapioca pudding, and pitch lines for his creator owned comics has been told to drive man to the brink of insanity. But otherwise is rather harmless and rather jovial in the right set of circumstances.  To learn more about this quasi-legendary conundrum of fan shows.  Go to www.21sandshark.com.