Angela Fullard

Freelance Artist/Writer

Angela Fullard is a self-taught artist, illustrator, and storyteller from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Ever since she was a child, Angela had an overwhelming lust for adventure.  She spent her childhood exploring the forest behind her Nana’s house, squeezing through crawl holes in the neighbor’s fence after dusk to sneak into the park, and climbing up mountains of rusty cars in the abandoned auto shop behind her house to overlook her suburban kingdom.  Over the years, Angela began documenting her imaginary adventures with drawings, maps, and notes.  She created a magical world full of great tales and curious creatures that she affectionately refers to as “Oddlings”.

Angela has spent the past several years depicting her Oddlings into paintings, illustrations, and stories.  She works exclusively in traditional mediums and has worked independently on projects such as her zine “Detached”.  She has also collaborated with other indie creators.  Her most recent collaborations include “Esmerelda’s Tree”, a 15 page story that she wrote and illustrated that is to be the finale to the upcoming indie comic anthology “Monsters and Other Scary Sh*t” by Wannabe Press in Los Angeles.  She’s also done pin-up work for “Katrina Hates Dead Sh*t” by Russell Nohelty and “The Derogatory Tales of Franklin and Ghost” by GD Gunn.