List is alphabetical. Map updated 6/1

Name space
13th Hour Creations 605
3 River Comicon HW4
3D-PropShoppe C1,2
501st Starkiller Garrison HW10.11.12
819 Comics C12
A Many Tale 509
Aaron DeWyer E1
Aftershock Comics 206,306
Alicia’s Anime & Video Games 411,412
Andrew Harmon B1
Andy West A4
Angela Rocco G9
Art by Amilea D4
Art by Stephanie Strange H11
Audra Olivia A1
Author Dacia M Arnold 506
Awesome Minis 408,409
Barry Linck E7
Ben Wright-Heuman/CanonWrite Productions E4
Benny Miller Art A5
Beyond Comics 208,209
Bill McKay A9
Bill Thade 202
BitterSweet Angels A17,18
Brendan Hykes A16
Brett Breeding F8
Cafe Beret I3
Caleb Thusat E19
CBCS 107
Celestial Seams Studio H15,16
Chris Thomasma A15
Colin Richards Art C13,14
Collect em All Toys and Games 203
collectors zone 204,205
ComicManiac Designs B12
Comics Are Go 112
Comics World 303,304
Conceive3D A12,13
Corey McCullough – Scifi/Fantasy Author A14
Cosplay Kitchen HW20
Craig Higgins 1,2,3
Creation Labs 403,404
Critical Creation B4
Crochet Craft Lady H13
Cryptik Suds & BrattyNails 502
Dan Mendoza/Knightmare Lynch A10,11
Darryl Banks E13
Dave Dwonch A8
Dave Nestler F1
Dave Wachter G8
Dawn’s Mystical Menagerie 512
Dead Dale’s Comics 113
DJ Coffman C4
Don SImpson G7
Drawn To Home Comic about Homelessness G13
Electric Fencer H5
Emily Swan E17
Emy Bitner F11
Evil Breakfast Studios I2
Extra Life Auction 607,608
Fernando’s Engravings 504
Fortress Comics 503
Jade Dragon 12
Gary Morgan D11
Geeky Experience 5,6
Glyphs and Glam B5
Golden Tree Publishing B7
Grace DuhLee Designs B11
Greymist,LLc C3
Ground Breaking Comics 301,302
Gus Mauk D1,2
Hanna Sproul F13
Hardiewear 501
Hello Leo Pet Boutique B6
Hero Tomorrow Comics 311
Heroes Ink Comics 207
Heroineburgh / The Edge 606
Howard Bender B3
Howard Chaykin E8
Imaginative Fabrication H1,2
Jack Vasvary D5,D6,D7
Jacob’s Comic Den 108,109
Jaisamp B9
James Patrick C5
Jason Liccardi E14
Jedi Kaylin F6
Jeff Zoet HW3
Jesse Johnson F7
Joseph Michael Linsner & Kristina Deak Linsner C10,11
John Haine’s Rare Comics 110,111
JP Bidula 101
Julie Maguda – Artist G3
Justin Birch B2
Pending E18
K&J Comics 305
KnightMage HW16
Knights of the Classroom, LLC H8,9,10
Koa Beam C7
Levy Makes Things G10
Liberty Cosplay HW19
LilDebby’s DeLights 407
Little Dudes Garage 17,18
Lone Wolf Comics A2,3
Loran Skinkis Art! A6
Lowkeycomics_412 105,106
Lynn Alexander Designs E6
Mad Wax Co. F2
Mahoning Valley Comicon HW13
Maria Wolf E2
Martina Fetzer E15
Marty Hirchak 507
Matt Horak B13
Maude’s Paperwing Gallery 510,511
McSoss Studios F12
MEA Studios B10
Ml monsters G1,2
Monarch Publishing I5
Mondo Artist I1
Morgan’s Art Quest G12
Nathan Leccia F4
Nerdbox Comics 312
Nerdy Birdy Creations G11
Not So Smart Art H14
NowICantLose E16
Paramon Marketing Associates 508
Pat Olliffe G6
Perler and Plush H4
Person of Merit Comics E5
Photo Ops HW6,7
Pittsburgh Avengers HW18
Pittsburgh Iron Man HW17
Pittsburgh Pirates HW15
Pittsburgh Pirateship HW1
Pop Culture Comics 309,310
Pop-Up Comics 401
POSTER SMASH by Mechyu Publications, LLC H6,7
Range Family Comics and Cards 210,211
Retrokinetic H3
Rick Leonardi E12
Rick Santman 201
Ron Frenz F9
Ruled by Earth C6
Russ Casseday D12
SamAsh Studios F5
Sammie Castillo 406
Samoht Lion Creations F3
Samurai Jill/Cosplay Hobbyist HW2
Scentsy with Nicole 16
Sewing By Amber 308
Shane Ronzio I4
Shawn Gabborin A7
Sheldone Art 602
Silverline Comics B8
SophistaGoth C9
Sorah Suhng D13,14
Source Point Press 307,405
South Side Comics 9,10
Super Collector Bros 4
Temple Malachor 19
The Garment Goddess D8,9,10
The Phoenix’s Lair 513,514,601
The Pop Collector – An Unexpected Journey 13,14
Toe Beans 505
Tom Scioli C8
Tony Miello D3
Topaz Strange F10
TSM Creations – Michael Perczak F14
Uncle Dave’s Books G5
Unknown Comix 102,103,104
USS Solstice – Star Trek – Greensburg Chapter HW8,9
USS Stella Pirata I6,7
Varner Insurance HW14
Victor Santiago H12
Vito Delsante E11
Wand Cloak & Stone 603
Watchtower Heroes 410
Wayne Faucher E9,10
Weebs In The Woods LLC 402
weirdlittleearrings 604
Wendelin Gray G4
You See Toys 15
ZeroRemnants E3
ZerPal Comics 7,8