2023 Exhibitors

2023 Exhibitor list will be updated periodically.

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Exhibitor Name Facebook Twitter Instagram Website or other social media What they sell Type
3D Crafts & Curios Facebook  N/A Instagram  Website 3D Printed Tabletop Gaming Gear, Geek and Gaming Decor. This includes dice towers, dice vaults, dice guardians, dice jails, giant retro game cartridges (wall decor), shelf corbels, bookends, card game deck boxes, sci-fi / fantasy can mugs and coozies and much more. 3D Printing
13th Hour Creations Facebook N/A N/A N/A Chainmaille, wire wrapped, beaded, and origami jewelry. Other
Adam’s Action Figures & Comics Facebook N/A Instagram Website Action Figures & Comics
Comic Book Dealer
AHOY Comics Facebook Twitter Instagram Website Single issue comics and trades
Comic Book Publisher
Amo Comics, Cards & Collectables Facebook  N/A N/A N/a Comics, Cards, Collectables Toy Dealer
AP Collectibles NA NA NA NA Sideshow, Hot Toys, 1:6 figures, custom pop culture street signs, replica license plates, vinyl decals & buttons Other
Awesome Minis Facebook  N/A N/A N/A Mini figs Toy Dealer
Band of Bards Facebook  Twitter Instagram  Website Comics, graphic novels, associated merch (stickers, prints, patches, t-shirts)
Comic book publisher
Beezie Beans Studio Facebook N/A Instagram N/A Handmade earrings, nerdy crafts, fantasy horror novels
Earrings & Horror Novels
Beyond Comics Facebook N/A N/A Website Comics, statues, toys
Comic Book Dealer
Bill Thade N/A N/A N/A N/A Vintage Comics Comic Book Dealer
Black Book Sculpts N/A N/A Instagram  Website Ceramic wares and sculptures, emphasizing D&D accessories, tabletop terrain, dice boxes, decorative dice rollers, tiles inscribed with pop culture and/or significant symbolism, incense burners, and drinking vessels. Unique handcrafted items. Original Art
Boyd and Blair Facebook N/A Instagram Website Potato Vodka, Rum, Pre Made Cocktails
Pre Made Cocktails
BW Toys & Collectibles Facebook N/A N/A N/A Power rangers, transformers,dc,marvel Toy Dealer
Cafe Beret Facebook  Twitter Instagram  Website Etsy shop
Fleece Berets and Accessories
Cards, Comics, and Collectibles Facebook Twitter Instagram Website
Comic Book Dealer
CH Productions NA NA NA Comic Books
Comic Book Dealer
Comics Are Go Facebook N/A Instagram Website Comics and Related Merchandise
Comic Book Dealer
Comicsburgh (Heroineburgh & The Edge) Facebook  Twitter Instagram  Website Comic books, live-action videos, and related merchandise
Comic Book Creator
Comics World Facebook Twitter N/A Website Comics & collectibles Comic Book Dealer
Creative Imaginations Facebook N/A N/A Website Action figures, collectible plush, funko, keychains, magnets and perler art. Toy Dealer
D&L Collections LLC NA NA NA NA Comic Books and Pokémon Cards
Comic Book Dealer
Dead Dale’s Comics Dead Dale’s Comics Facebook N/A Website Comics
Comic Book Dealer
EC Collectibles Plus Facebook  N/A Instagram  Website Action Figures, Funko, Figpin, Loungefly, Star Wars, TMNT, Marvel Toy Dealer
Ethereal Synergy Inc N/A N/A N/A N/A Collectibles, comics, CCG’s, Funko, gaming supplies, toys, etc Pokémon, MTG, Funko, Comics and Toy Dealer
Fortress Comics N/A N/A N/A Website Comic books
Comic Book Dealer
Gallagher Toys & Collectibles N/A N/A N/A N/A Comics, sports cards, legos, toys, 3d printed items, laser engraved items 3D Printing
Geeky Experience Facebook N/A N/A N/A Silver age Comics
Comic Book Dealer
Graydog Comics and Toys Facebook N/A N/A N/A Comic Books and Pop Culture Merchandise
Comic Book Dealer
Groundbreaking Comics Facebook  N/A Instagram  Website New comics and variants
Comic Book Dealer
Heartel Design N/A N/A Instagram Website Enamel pins, lanyards, keychains, stickers, original artwork Original Art
HeyyoJojo Twitter Instagram Website Enamel pins, acrylic charms, and stickers featuring video game characters Jojo — Enamel Pins
Jacob’s comic den N/A N/A N/A N/A Comics
Comic Book Dealer
Jade Dragon Company Facebook N/a N/a Website Toys, jewelry, purses, wallets, figurines, Keychains, small gifts Toy Dealer
John Haines Rare Comics Facebook N/A N/A Website Vintage comics
Comic Book Dealer
Josh Ryhal Art N/A N/A Instagram Website Original ballpoint pen drawings and prints Original Art
Jupiter’s Dreaming Facebook N/A Instagram N/A 3D printed dragons, animals, fantasy creatures, toys, and pop culture items 3D Printing
Knights of the Classroom, LLC Facebook  N/A N/A N/A Chainmaille jewelry and planetary globes/pillows
Chainmaille jewelry and space planetary items
L&Ts Misfit Toys N’ More Facebook N/A N/A N/A Toys, collectables,gaming diecast ect Toy Dealer
LilDebby’s DeLights Facebook  N/A Instagram  Website Handmade and Vegan, bath bombs, shower steamers, bubble bath, bath salts, soaps, body oils, essential oils, cosmetics, lip balm, lip gloss, cosmetics, natural stone rings, mood rings, essential oil necklaces. Other
Little Dudes Garage
Maddens Attic Facebook N/A Instagram N/A Toys, collectibles and anime Toy Dealer
Magni Craftworks Facebook N/A Instagram Website Tabletop gaming accessories and wood & resin artwork
Gaming accessories
Mechanized Creativity LLC Facebook  N/A Instagram  Website Cosplay costumes, props and nerd art
Cosplay, Props and Nerd Art
Multiverse Comics Comics
Mr. Nice Guy Games Facebook Website – Video games and consoles. Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering , Dungeons and Dragons modules, miniatures, Hand-made clothing, accessories, and more – all themed around your favorite anime, video games, and pop-culture icons
Video games, Trading card games, clothing
Nerdbox Comics Facebook  N/A Instagram  N/A Comic books
Comic Book Dealer
Open Dead Inside Facebook N/A Instagram Website Collectible toys and figures, enamel pins, plush, lanyards, patches, jewelry, stickers0 Toy Dealer
Pop Culture Comics Facebook N/A Instagram  Email Comics, toys
Comic Book Dealer
Phat Daddy Comics   Comics
Comic Book Dealer
Range Family Comics and Collectibles N/A N/A N/A Website Comic Books, Action Figures, Pops Toy Dealer
Rupp’s Comics Facebook N/A Instagram Website Comic Books and Graphic Novels
Comic Book Dealer
Sheldone Art N/A Twitter Instagram  Website Digital Prints of original work Original Art
Silverline Publishing Facebook Twitter Instagram Website  Comics Publisher
Sourcepoint Press Facebook Twitter Instagram Website  Comics, Graphic Novels, Games Publisher
South Side Comics Facebook  Twitter Instagram  Website Comics, toys
Comic Book Dealer
Superheros Armory N/A N/A N/A N/A Replica swords, and weapons from comic, anime, and video games pop culture, something for all ages. Swords
The Enchanted Jewelry Shop Facebook Twitter Instagram Website Elf ear cuffs, circlets, plain dangling earcuffs, finger claws, hair twists
Elf Ears and Circlets
The Jabruvian Princess Facebook N/A N/A N/A Children’s clothing
Children’s Clothing
The Merchant of Many Things Facebook  N/A Instagram  Website LARP foam weapons and accessories including leather goods, costume jewelry, garb, squishies, and Many Things.
LARP foam weapons
The Phoenix’s Lair Facebook  N/A N/A N/A Handmade anime/video game pillows and character pillowfriends, plushies, toys, collectibles, voice actor autographs, anime/ nerdy home decor, LED themed lighting, gothic statuettes and jewelry, clothing, anime rugs and tapestries, figures. Other
The Theme of Thieves Facebook Twitter Instagram Website Comic books, t-shirts, tumbler cups Comic Book Creator
Two Bent Staples Comics NA NA Instagram NA Raw and graded comics Silver Age thru Modern. Prices starting as low as $1 a book. Comic Book Dealer
Unknown Comix Comics
Wick and Fable Candle Co. N/A N/A Instagram Website Fantasy and Pop Culture themed candles Candle Shop
Wand Cloak and Stone Facebook  N/A Instagram  Website Pop culture themed ornaments, lighted shadow boxes, book earrings, blind bags, mouse ears, and more!
Handmade pop culture goods
Zerpal Comics eBay 105amazing N/A N/A Website Silver/bronze comics; pulps and slab comics; Dell and golden age books
Comic Book Dealer