E. Waterfront Drive
Homestead, Pa 15120




List is in aphabetical order
3 Rivers Comicon Information Booth
3 Rivers Cosplay
501st Starkiller Garrison
8-Bit Warrior Designs
Aftershock Comics
Andrew Harmon
Angela Rocco Photography, Jewelry & Such
Anthony Tozzi – Sports Archives and Artful Technologist
Art by a Stephanie Strange
Awesome Minis
Ben Cherry
Bill Thade
BitterSweet Angels
Brush Quibblies
Caleb Thusat
Captains Comics, Toys, And…
Chris Duda
ColorStreet Nails
ColorStreet Nails and Cryptik Suds
Comp Culture
Corey McCullough – Sci-fi/Fantasy Author
Crochet Craft Lady
Dead Dale’s Comics
Doctor Pixel
Double Tap Studios
EC Collectibles Plus
Emy Bitner
Ernie Stiner
Extra Life
Fortress Comics
Game Fix
George Broderick Jr.
Golden Tree Publishing
Gregory A. Wilson
Hastings Quilts & Crafts
Imaginative Fabrication
Jacob’s Comic Den
Julie Maguda – Artist
JW Sims / Hooligan Alley Comics
Knights of the classroom
Krayzehouse Development Media
Lynn Alexander Designs
M.L. Monsters
Marvin Wynn
Maude’s Paperwing Gallery
MEA Illustrations
Mondo Artist
MosKat Embroidery
Moving Pictures Comics and Collectibles
Multi-purpose Design
Nerdbox Comics
Nerdy Birdy Creations
New York Life
Russ Casseday – Counterpoint Comics
Samoht Lion Creations
Shawn Atkins
Shawn Gabborin
Sirius Entertainment
Steel City Ghostbusters & Stay Puft
Strange Gravity
That Banner Guy
The Adventures of Cobasfang
The Feisty Goblin
The Garment Goddess
The Phoenix’s Lair
The Planet Star Series
Tinned Pineapple
Toe Beans
Topaz Strange
Travis Horseman/Amiculus Books
Two Tail Creations
USS Solstice Star Trek Greensburg Chapter
USS Stella Pirata Star Trek Pittsburgh Chapter
Vanko Products
W.D. Studios
Weebs in the Woods LLC

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