Wayne Faucher

(Artist – Impulse; Detective Comics; Batman: Shadow of the Bat; Wonder Woman; Peter Parker Spider-man; Legion)
Wayne Faucher earned his BFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. He worked for a decade in that field, his specialty being  corporate identity, frequently working with clients like the New York Stock Exchange, CitiBank, Chemical Bank, American Express and many others.

Wayne’s very first monthly inking assignment was on a new character, IMPULSE in 1995.  He’s also enjoyed regular inking assignments on BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE BAT, CATWOMAN, DETECTIVE COMICS, WONDER WOMAN, PETER PARKER SPIDER-MAN, COUNTDOWN, TRINITY, SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, TITANS, NIGHTCRAWLER, LEGION, MR TERRIFIC, BATMAN AND ROBIN ETERNAL and many others.  Wayne’s been lucky enough to work with some of the finest pencilers in the business, including Humberto Ramos, Alex Maleev, Mark Buckingham, Dick Giordano, Mike Deodato, Chad Hardin, Alberto Ponticelli and countless others. 
He’s been teamed for the last few years with the incredible Scot Eaton on numerous DC titles, including AQUAMAN, JLA, and the new 100 PAGE GIANT series. He can also be found pitching in over Chris Bachalo on various Marvel books including AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, DEADPOOL, X-MEN and DR. STRANGE.
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Instagram: @waynerisd