Steve Rudziniski

Steve Rudziniski is a filmmaker and actor that has been doing this for 10 full years with his production company, Silver Spotlight Films. CarousHELL had its major release in 2019 gracing store shelves and streaming services world wide, being named one of the best movies of the year by multiple major review websites. To pass the time while dealing with the release of his crown jewel, Steve also created and released The Meowy Chronicles; a series of talking cat family movies that fans seem to really enjoy the weirdness of!
His other releases include EVERYONE MUST DIE! (2012), SUPER TASK FORCE ONE (2013), CAPTAIN Z & THE TERROR OF LEVIATHAN (2014), RED CHRISTMAS (2015), and the short film THE SURVIVORS (2016). Several of these have been picked up for world-wide distribution and have graced store shelves, cable, and online VOD. Steve has also acted in several other features, as well as being Spider-Man for Marvel Live Appearances worldwide.