Sorah Suhng

Artist – Karnal Confessions, Zombie Tramp, Dollface, Lady Death, Vamperonica

Sorah Suhng has been a contributing artist to the comic book industry since 2007. She has been working primarily as a penciller and illustrator since 2016. Sorah’s credits include the Princeless Anthology, Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess, Dollface, Null Faeries, Amalgama, and Zombie Tramp through Action Lab Entertainment; Lady Death, Hellwitch, and La Muerta through Coffin Comics; Vampironica through Archie Comics; Vampirella through Dynamite Entertainment; X-O Manowar – Birth and Ninja-K through Valiant Comics; Void Trip through Image Comics; Fearscape through Vault Comics; Iron Man – The End, Iron Man – Legacy of Doom, and Hercules – Twilight of a God through Marvel Comics.

In 2019, Sorah made a successful venture into publishing her own work with the success of her first independent project: Karnal Confessions.

Sorah is the owner and creator of character Karnal Sin, with current project free online to read at: