Michael T. Gilbert

Artist/Writer – Heavy Metal, Superman, Batman, Dr. Strange, Elric, Mr. Monster

Michael’s stories have been featured in Heavy Metal, Slow Death, American Splendor, Star*Reach, Quack!, Batman, The Spirit and Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories.  Over the years he’s written or drawn comics starring Superman, Batman, Dr. Strange, Elric, The Simpsons, SpongeBob and the Disney characters. But Michael’s signature creation remains his fearless monster-fighting superhero, Doc Stearn … Mr. Monster! Mr. Monster celebrated his 35th birthday in 2019. Currently, Mr. Monster hosts “Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt,” a monthly column devoted to comic book history for Alter Ego magazine. A published comic book artist since 1973, Michael has also designed t-shirts, TV graphics and gruesome tattoos. In 2014, Michael received an Inkpot award from the San Diego Comicon