STEPHEN NAGY Author – Poster Smash – Science Fiction Series

Founder – Mechyu Publications, LLC

What began as an inspired odyssey of creating his own ideal dreamland, evolved into a regular place to run from prejudice and bias existing toward Autism. The tattered Wanted Poster represents the ignorance of the world. “Dreams are not forged by our challenges—but in spite of them.”

Throughout the story of POSTER SMASH multiple characters paths cross and branch off into a “Choose Your Own Adventure” novella series. It begins during a post-apocalyptic future where a lone mad scientist steals a technology for his own unscrupulous reasons. When he creates “Zalga”, his one act of selfishness ironically rises like a phoenix from the ashes only to preserve humanity instead of ending it.


ROSEMARY NAGY Illustrator, co-writer – Poster Smash – Series

Co-Founder – Mechyu Publications, LLC

Rosemary began Illustrating at a very young age when she and her brother spent hours together writing stories. Since then, her skills as an artist have been enriched by the designs of the out-of-this-world creatures of Poster Smash. In addition to providing more drawings within the pages of the series, Rosemary seasons the plot by co-writing with the author and introducing her own characters—beginning in book two of the series, POSTERS SMASHED.