Megan Affolter

Freelance Artist
My name is Megan Affolter and I am an artist located in Pittsburgh,PA. For some basic information about me, I have always loved drawing ever since I was little. In fact, my grandma loved babysitting me the
most because all she needed to do was put some paper and crayons in front of me, and I was good for hours. As I grew, my passions expanded to included cartoons, comics, and all things pop culture. It was this enthusiasm that lead me to pursue a degree in animation.

After graduating with a BFA in animation, I quickly found myself favoring concept art and illustration. I enjoy pushing myself to try new techniques to provide a unique piece of art. I began to go to comic conventions as a way to sell my artwork in an environment that truly appreciates my style. I love meeting all the new people and developing new fans, especially those who have the same interests as me. Please come and see me at 3 Rivers Comic Con!

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