Eddie Pistella & Little Dudes Garage

POP Culture Cars and Classics

Who could have known that building 1/25thscale plastic model cars in the mid-1960’s and a 13-year-old kid winning a 2-foot-tall trophy would lead to a lifetime of building fun and interesting cars for Pittsburgh native  Eddie Pistella?

Eddie, that’s who.  Eddie was hooked early in life on show cars and car shows and has been active in the industry regionally and nationally for more than 45 years.

Building unique and highly stylized specialty cars has been an important part of Eddie’s career as well as his avenue to express his active imagination and artistic tendencies. When it comes to colorful cars and fun, Eddie and Comic -Cons are a match made in heaven.

Past and present notable reproductions in Eddie’s corral have included a number of historically significant vintage stock cars and retired NASCAR machines, 2-meticulously detailed replica Batmobiles of 1960’s vintage, both built on Lincoln chassis. A gorgeous replica of The Mach 5, Speed Racer’s trusty mechanized wonder (built on a Corvette chassis) and an replica Herbie the Love Bug.

Future plans include a next generation. Replica Mystery Machine, and another replica Batmobile on a stretched corvette chassis.  A replica of the X-wing fighter is currently on the drawing board and slated for construction in 2018/2019.  Watch for it at future Cons.

Ed shows the cars at many East Coast Charity events and enjoys what he calls “giving back,” The circle however is continuous because Ed keeps getting back so much good will and fun, it keeps him coming back for more.

Eddie shared his love of all things mechanical and fun with his Daughter and Grandchildren. Daughter Cindy and Grandsons Chase and Ryker are inspirations for Ed who recently began work on a series of children’s books following the adventures of “Little Dude” and his friends from “Little Dude’s Garage.”

The books are intended to introduce young children to mechanical principles and teach good manners and fair play. Kids and Machines that play together. Sort of like The Little Rascals in Radiator Springs.  Watch for them at future Cons.