(Artist – Green Lantern; Adventures of Superman; JLA; Superman; Uncanny X-Men; Legion of Super-Heroes; The Phantom; G.I. Joe: Reloaded; Doc Savage)

Darryl Banks is from Columbus, Ohio, and a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design with a bachelor’s degree. He
began his comics career in 1989, working for various independent comic companies such as Innovation and Millennium Publishing. Darryl worked on titles such as Doc Savage: Man of Bronze, The Wild Wild West and Justice Machine.
In 1993 he started working with DC Comics on Legion of Superheroes and later on Green Lantern. Co-creating the Kyle Rayner Green Lantern, Parallax, and other characters. In addition to various other projects for DC, his work also includes Captain America and X-Men for Marvel, Tomb Raider: Epiphany from Top Cow, GI Joe Reloaded for Devil’s Due Publishing, and covers to Moonstone’s Phantom series.  Recently, Darryl completed work on Harken’s Raiders which was a Kickstarter project with Ominous Press.
Darryl also does concept art and toy design.  Clients include Hawthorne Village collectibles, Filsinger Games, Hasbro, and many others.

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