fogel2(Author/ Comic Book Historian)

Dan Fogel is the current Guru of Underground, Alternative, and Adult comic books. For 14 years he’s authored and published multiple editions of FOGEL’S UNDERGROUND PRICE & GRADING GUIDE, the industry standard for collectors, retailers, and investors. He’s published over 50 books, spotlighting cutting edge creators like Neil Gaiman, Kieron Dwyer and John Orlando, and reprinting classic Underground Comix artists including R. Crumb, S. Clay Wilson, and Spain Rodriguez. His writing, editing, and publishing career began 30 years ago with Larry Welz’s CHERRY (POPTART). When Dan’s not working on his next Price Guide, he’s the Agent for notorious Air Pirate Ted Richards, and Dana Crumb Associates.
Website: www.hippycomix.com
Facebook: Daniel Howard Fogel
Twitter, Instagram: @hippycomix