Cline Siegenthaler

Artist – Adventures of Biff Thundersaur, Legends of the Five Rings, Galactic Empires

Cline A. Siegenthaler has been a regular attendee and exhibitor at comic book and gaming conventions since 1990.

His published work includes a 1991 comic book “The Adventures of Biff Thundersaur”, card illustrations for games “Legends of the Five Rings” and “Galactic Empires”. He has also created sculptures/resin kits for the tabletop miniatures game, “Kaiju Kaos”.

Cline lives in Northfield Center, Ohio, and is a graphic designer and production artist.

His portfolio can be seen on his website, His 3 Rivers Comicon booth will feature Biff Thundersaur comics along with sci-fi and fantasy prints, 3-D prints, jigsaw puzzles, T-Shirts, coffee mugs and buttons.