geigerpunisher1Artist – Spider-man, Incredible Hulk, Bloodshot

Steve Geiger is a professional Comic Book artist who has worked with several Major Comic Book companies such as Marvel, DC, Valiant/Acclaim, Neal Adams’ Continuity, Penthouse Comix, and many others.

After graduating from Buffalo State University with a dual major in Illustration and Advertising Design, Steve began his Comic Book career at the young age of 22 when he was hired on as the 3rd Romita Raider. Romita’s Raiders were a small, select group of art apprentices hand picked by the legendary Marvel artist and Art Director, John Romita Sr. Under his direct guidance, Steve learned the ins and outs of the comic book business.

His summer as an apprentice landed Steve his first published work on Power Man/Iron Fist. This led to a professional relationship with editor Denny O’Neil, and his first regular work on the toy-centric comic book, Sectaurs. As Sectaurs moved toward the end of its run, Steve was offered the penciling duties on The Incredible Hulk and began a comic book career that has spanned several decades.

After successful stints on Hulk and Web of Spiderman, Steve branched out and did work for DC (two historic Batman covers, featuring the first appearance of Jason Todd as Robin) and Continuity Comics where he worked with his idol and second mentor, Neal Adams on the comic Samuree.

In college and throughout his early time in NYC, Steve also did a great deal of storyboard and ad comp illustration for Advertising agencies (Grey, Geers Gross, Cato Johnson, Benton and Bowles, TBWA) as well as his work in Comics. During his time at Continuity he was able to work in both fields simultaneously. Besides his penciling duties on Samaree, Steve also worked on some of the biggest clients on Neal Adams’ Advertising roster, including some of the first animated storyboards in the industry.

Steve left Continuity to work on staff as an Illustrator and Art Director for the TBWA advertising agency, but two years into the job, Marvel and Comics beckoned once again.

In May of 1990, Steve was hired on staff at Marvel Comics as Managing Art Director. Working directly under Senior Art Director John Romita, his duties included: Final approval of all cover art; design and final approval of all merchandise featuring Marvel characters;  

Throughout his career Steve has served as a regular artist on such comics as Spider-man, The Incredible Hulk , Bloodshot, Scion, Lorelei, and Samuree. 

Steve has also illustrated many covers and single issues (“One Shots”) for such titles as The X-men, Punisher: War Journal, The Fantastic Four, Batman, and countless others. 

Steve has won numerous Newspaper Design and Illustration awards for his work on the groundbreaking Superhero/Cyberjournalist Comicstrip, Chip Tracer, for New York Newsday.

In addition to his illustration and advertising work, Steve and his wife, Kristy run The EvilGeiger Empire, an entertainment development company devoted to the creation, implementation, and production of original content and creator-owned concepts and characters. 

Current projects include: Old Man of the Mountain and Aurora for T3 Comics, Bender, Haunted Tales of Bachelors Grove for Silver Phoenix Comics, Gabriel Damascus; Cutter, and Plowboy in the Cornmeal Universe with Hollywood Animation. 

Steve lives in Sunset Bay, USA with his wife Kristy and their children, Steven III and Scarlett Evelyn.