*Sunday only*

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Samurai Jill Cosplay has been cosplaying for almost 2 years. Jillian had been making elaborate Halloween costumes for several years, but after they went unappreciated and even attacked by the general public, she decided to take her love for costuming into the Comic Con world and never looked back. Finally, a way to truly show her love for Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvel/DC, and many more. Her favorite part of cosplaying is the transformative makeup she uses for several cosplays, such as Gamora, Sally Skellington, and the Mad Hatter. Jillian has advanced black belts in several different martial arts, and loves to incorporate her skills into her cosplays. She also cosplays Claire Dearing as a part of the professional cosplay group Jurassic Parksburgh, and makes up half of the cosplay duo Intergalactic Jurassic Cosplay.