Art by Amara

Created with GIMP

Illustrator – Alice in Wonderland, Blood Myth

Amara specializes in strange. She began her career as a tattoo artist and freelance illustrator, before tackling her dream of becoming a full time illustrator and comic creator. She recently published Electric Alice; a sci-fi graphic novel adaptation of Alice in Wonderland; under her comic publishing startup, Conjure Arts. Electric Alice was the artist’s first time as an author, and her first successfully funded Kickstarter campaign. Her next project to be funded is the first volume of a graphic novel trilogy about faeries, mages and the bloodthirsty undead; titled Blood Myth. Amara lives to invent new creations, so she is always working on the next sticker or print design featuring creepy creatures, folklore, or aliens. Working in her own unique genre, coined “Pagan pop art”, she is striving to fabricate her own universe, where the lines between the magickal and the mundane are blurred, and we can imagine ourselves as both beautiful and monstrous.

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