Volunteers needed!

We are looking for enthusiastic, hardworking and trustworthy individuals.  There are 30 volunteer positions available which will be assigned based upon qualifications needed at the sole discretion of the Three Rivers Comicon management team.  Follow-up interviews may be conducted at the discretion of the Convention Manager. Notification of selection will be provided by email no later than April 30, 2017.

Expectations/Requirements of Volunteers:
-Respect the property of the convention site, the fans, guests, staff members and fellow volunteers.
-Be courteous, friendly and cooperative to all Three Rivers Comicon staff, guests and attendees.
-Perform your duties to the best of your ability and advise the volunteer coordinator if you are unable to work as scheduled.
-We ask that all volunteers work a minimum of 10 hours total over the course of the weekend. Saturday is a required day for the 2-day show in order to receive free entrance.
-All volunteers must wear their wristband and shirt while in the convention space. Volunteer’s shirts are to be worn at all times during your work shift and should be removed during times you are not working.

For volunteering under 10 hours, staff will receive…
– Free entrance to 3 Rivers Comicon
– A Three Rivers Comicon staff shirt
– A free graphic novel

For volunteering for 10 or more hours, staff will receive…
– Free entrance to event
– A Three Rivers Comicon staff shirt
– A free graphic novel
– Free entrance to Beer Release event with confirmation of hours worked.

To apply please fill out the form HERE.

Thanks! – 3RC