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Dave Columbus

Data artist/illustrator/comic artist
Dave Columbus, based in Greensburg PA, has been retired from the workforce (not of his own volition) and works on his art full time.
His is primarily work is as a data artist that creates data visualizations from data he collects (mostly from his favorite tv shows and movies.) His two current posters include the Star Trek TOS Duty Roster and the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Body Count. Other works include time-lines of The Wrath of Kahn, The Big Lebowski, and the Terminator movies.
Drawing wise, he is also an illustrator/calligrapher who works primarily in pen & ink but also has works done in pencil, goauche (opaque watercolor), and oils. His manuscript pieces (done in a 13th century gothic style) include Where The Wild Things Are and the Jabberwocky poem.
The third (but not final) aspect of his art is creating comics using both characters from the public domain and now some of his original designs.

For more information check out his web site: