rocco1 Photographer/Jeweler

Hello my name is Angela Rocco. I’ve been a professional photographer since 1992 as a portrait photographer in a retail setting . I’ve been a photographer/cast member & operations assistant for a local television show called “It’s Alive” since 2004. My photos have been published in both The Pittsburgh Tribune Review, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, The City Paper, Gateway Publications’ local community papers around the Pittsburgh area and The USA Today. My photos have been featured on several horror related websites including the official website for “It’s Alive”., the Discovery and Learning Channel websites. Several of my photographs have been available for sale at charity art auctions & Art Gallrocco2eries around the Pittsburgh area. “The Lone Cannon” & “Surf’s Up” are award winners. I have been selling my photography, handmade jewelry and accessories at art/craft shows and conventions since 2007. I hand make jewelry and accessories using my photography and found/bought images. I started selling mated prints, and now I sell prints as well as pendants, key chains, book marks, compact mirrors,
tie clips, money clips, earrings, various styles of necklaces etc. For more of an idea on what I sell, please go to my Etsy shop and check out my Facebook page or website

My photography and or jewelry have been sold at the following shops:
Foxxy Moxxy -Gettysburg, PArocco3
Malibu Surf Shop -Ocean City, Maryland
So Kool -Monroeville Mall, Monroeville, PA
Battlefield & Beyond Book Shoppe -Gettysburg, PA
Phil’s Pharmacy -Pitcairn, PA
Great Stuff -Pitcairn, PA
The Buttonhole -West Mifflin, PA