Star Wars Cosplay Group

Garrison Carida® is the local unit of the 501st Legion, proudly serving the communities of Pennsylvania and Delaware. Garrison Carida® was formed in February 2002 and currently has over 180 members who strive to provide service to our communities through sharing our love of Star Wars with all. The 501st Legion is a world wide, professional costuming organization dedicated to the Dark Side Characters of the Star Wars universe. The 501st Legion’s 8,600 world wide members passionately recreate movie accurate costumes of the many iconic characters from all of the Star Wars films, as well as Star Wars Legends (formerly known as the Expanded Universe) consisting of video games, books and even the original animated Clone Wars series. Darth Vader along with various units of the Clone and Imperial Armies seemingly step off the screen into local communities. Their member’s are committed to costume accuracy, and professional, charitable service. The 501st Legion has even been granted the honor of being included in the official cannon of the Star Wars Saga as Darth Vader’s Personal Legion of Stormtroopers, aptly named Vader’s Fist.