Cosplay Karaoke

Join us Thursday Feb 22, as 3 Rivers Comicon and the Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh at Station Square host an evening of singing, cosplay, and cosplayers singing. That’s right… Cosplay Karaoke!

How does this work, you ask? You sign up at the link below as your top three cosplays by preference. Then, we will choose 3 songs for you to sing at the event that are related, sometimes ironically, to your cosplay.

How do you know what song you will sing? You can either a) sing one of the 3 songs at random. or b) make a donation to the Hero Initiative and choose one of the 3 songs to sing.

We will have a panel of nerd judges who will be scoring you. There will also be a crowd favorite. Winners will receive a Saturday Pass to 3 Rivers Comicon. Other prizes will be announced later.

We are limited to 15 spaces for this event. All other submissions will be put on a waiting list.

*No live weapons allowed. Prop weapons will be checked before entering the venue.